About EduXR

We believe that education is beyond classrooms. So why not bring the outside world to the classrooms? Enabling students to experience and visualise their education has proven to improve retention, increase interest and influence classroom engagement. EduXR is a learning platform that uses AR and VR technology to visualise content. Our goal is to create valuable, immersive and curriculum aligned experiences for K-12 and Higher Education. EduXR is a tool that can help teachers to teach topics that are challenging for students to visualise. All our content is curated by teachers and professors taking continual feedback from students.


EduXR content can be experienced anywhere
through compatible mobile devices or tablets
through AR. Adopt this solution for your entire
institution through student and teacher licenses.


Experience fully interactive and immersive EduXR
content in VR. Adopt exclusive content for your
institution with our VR lab solution for education
and training.

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us to create a content library of over 1000+ AR
and VR experiences for K-12 and Higher Education.

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