Instagram Filters by VR2ality: Is this the new age tool for user engagement?

What are Instagram Filters anyway? Using the front or back camera displays, Instagram filters layer computer-generated effects on the real-life image captured by your camera. These filters use augmented reality to place 3-dimensional objects in your surroundings. Image beautification, face filters, quizzes, background effects, games are some of the more common filters you can find under ‘Effects’ on Instagram Stories. […]

Has OnePlus impacted the XR industry more than the Smartphone industry with the Nord launch event?

Last week, the tech world was buzzing with the announcement of the new OnePlus Nord launch. This event generated a lot of hype. After all it was marketed as the world’s first ever live product launch in Augmented Reality (AR). This meant that you could watch the unveiling of the new phone in 3D right in the comfort of your […]